Delivering an elevated digital experience for your developments with an engaging mobile platform.

Help your residents unlock the full value and identity of their home by giving them anytime access to their building and priceless local knowledge.

3 devices showing Dwellant's different product dashboards

Developed to deliver residents a continuous high-end digital home experience.

1.Automated functionality

Control activity bookings, reserve moving-in slots and access online forms.

Booking Business Lounge UI

2.Pre-set work flows

Automated replies help your team to deliver a great resident experience.

Issues requests UI

3.Their home in their hands

Allow residents to unlock their home, neighbourhood and unique features.

An iPhone
How Dwellant looks for residents on their mobile devices

A space designed to deliver an engaging, personalised digital experience.

UI sketches

Site Design

Designed to be engaging, modern and mobile-friendly.

Key Functions

Fully opted-in content; residents profile, apartment spec, leisure activities type of resident, spec of apartment, core etc

Responsive design to suit Android, iOS and PC

Structure and content bespoke to each development and its residents

Product features

Integrates with external services e.g. Salesforce

Communication is set up according to residents’ preferences

Photo of calendar

Facilities calendar

Residents can make bookings from the comfort of their home.

Key Functions

Forms and booking facilities are customised for each development

Locked content for special features tailored to residents’ profile

Residents can raise requests directly to the Property Management team

Product features

Easy to set up and manage

Provides a user-friendly interface for the on-site building team

Fully integrates with door entry system, providing residents with control of their home

Photo of calendar

Location guide

We create local content that unlocks your residents’ homes.

Key Functions

Provides a guide on where to eat, exercise, drink, relax and get the most from their location

Allows access to home-related documents

Access up-to-date local transport information

Product features

Easy to upload unit-specific documents and manuals

Provides a user-friendly interface for the on-site building team

Landmarks and businesses are identified via linked Google pages

Quotation marks

We now deliver a seamless switch from our high-end physical experience to a digital platform that allows our brand to shine. Our residents can access the cinema, personal data and our property manager directly from their smart device.

Danielle Foster-Brown
Development Manager

Quotation marks

Bespoke Buildings provides valuable benefits to both residents and employees.

Residents illustration


  • Any device, any place, anytime access
  • Instant notifications
  • Residents control their own data
  • Provides a valuable local guide
Staff illustration

Staff/Building Management

  • Reduction in low-value tasks via enhanced self-service
  • Effective task management
  • Provides automated messages
  • GDPR compliant
Freeholers illustration shaking hands


  • Consistent and positive brand experience
  • Satisfied homeowners
  • Efficient use of property management time
  • Defect reporting direct to property manager

Choose a fully approved system that’s easy to install and simple to use.

Photo of padlock

Security & Data Protection

A system you can trust, Bespoke Buildings is part of our ISO 27001 certified network.

Along with being GDPR compliant, it meets the highest requirements of European security, giving you full peace of mind for secure audit trails.

ISO certficate
People using a computer

Implementation & Training

It’s quick and easy to get your team up and running. Members of our Dwellant team will deliver training on-site early and late to cover shift changes, so no-one is left out. A special video provides training for new staff as they join.

Person using a tablet

Choose iOS or Android

There’s no need to invest in new software as Dwellant will run with your existing Windows PC or wireless Android tablet and/or phone.

It’s reassuring to know your residents can use the bespoke page on both iOS and Android tablets.

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