CSite: Site inspections via your phone or tablet to save time, improve quality and ensure consistency.

Bin the paper-to-PC survey lag and start using CSite: our offline site survey tool that facilitates instant reporting and immediate digital audit trails.

Developed to capture assets and surveys to your buildings profile in 3 steps.


Complete your survey via phone or tablet, adding photos directly to your notes.

Booking Business Lounge UI


When online, sync your report and share with Dwellant Core (free version) and your colleagues.

Issues requests UI


Word, PDF and CSV files are created and are always available for audit checks.

Booking Business Lounge UI

Crafted for mobile devices with on-site use and functionality in mind.

Phone and tablet

Works across any Android or iOS device, no need for write-ups.

Key Functions

Template content and questions to increase continuity

Product features

Links to your Dwellant portfolio

Automatic reporting

Works offline

Sync when you are in the office.

Key Functions

Task setting linked to specific asset

Product features

Defect management

Instructions ready to assign to contractors

Asset tracking

Questions link to assets and historic answers.

Key Functions

Digital audit trail

Product features

Synced and expanded content on Dwellant

Geo and time stamp

Quotation marks

I really love the time CSite has saved me. I can complete a survey on-site meaning I’ve tripled the work I can do in a day. I’ve now got the option to add photos and notes directly into my report.

Andrew Godfrey
Development Manager

Quotation marks

CSite offers a wide range of time-saving benefits for you and your entire team.

Site inspector illustration

Site inspector

  • Operates anywhere with offline use
  • Cuts time on site
  • Legally binding: Geo-location tracked and logged
  • 90% time saving in office admin
  • Stores data where you can make it work for you
Staff illustration


  • Turns tasks into work orders
  • Easy to learn, use and train staff
  • Ensures consistency of data across your teams
  • Provides safe and secure storage of surveys
  • Reliable end-to-end reporting to contractor completion

CSite is a fully approved system that’s quick to install and very simple to use.

Photo of padlock

Security & Data Protection

A system you can trust, Bespoke Buildings is part of our ISO 27001 certified network.

Along with being GDPR compliant, it meets the highest requirements of European security, giving you full peace of mind for secure audit trails.

ISO certficate
People using a computer

Implementation & Training

It’s quick and easy to get your team up and running. Members of our Dwellant team will deliver training on-site early and late to cover shift changes, so no-one is left out. A special video provides training for new staff as they join.

Person using a tablet

Choose iOS or Android

There’s no need to invest in new software as Dwellant will run with your existing Windows PC or wireless Android tablet and/or phone.

It’s reassuring to know your residents can use the bespoke page on both iOS and Android tablets.

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