Building Maintenance Software Programs

Dwellant’s software is a holistic, cloud-based system for the 21st century. Like no other building maintenance software program like it- it brings together all stakeholders in a residential building or development with intelligence and elegance.

Dwellant’s building maintenance software programs are a holistic, cloud-based system for the 21st century.

Building Maintenance Software

Residential and commercial building maintenance is a complex job which calls for expertise from a variety of professions. The property management industry at times still relies on manual and paper-based systems to support their work. Businesses rely on different systems from different software providers for each of their work areas, making it hard to keep track of all areas of the business and avoid duplicating efforts. The demands on those responsible for multi-occupancy building maintenance are ever increasing. Building maintenance software programs that provide a holistic platform for a broad customer case are in demand.

At Dwellant, we thought long and hard about how we can streamline property maintenance processes, reducing the stress associated with its high volume and high expectation nature. We created a system that provides a market-leading building maintenance software program - an all-encompassing, including platform that is genuinely easy to use.

Our building maintenance software program has been specifically designed for those who manage commercial and residential buildings, involving multiple stakeholders. Dwellant is equally intuitive and easy to use for the building’s manager (on-site and off-site), the occupants (e.g. residents, commercial tenants) and any maintenance service providers. Its functionality has been developed after many years spent with property managers, to understand what is important to them. Our solution is a platform that is interactive, with multi-layer access levels, intuitive to use by anyone and an invaluable tool to make building maintenance as easy as possible.

Dwellant’s building maintenance management software is a holistic, cloud-based system for the 21st century like no other.

What Does Dwellant Do?

Through close working with building management professionals, Dwellant understands the demands on the property manager and the needs of building developers, leaseholders, tenants and suppliers and has created a building maintenance software program that is versatile, simple to use and dynamic.

Building maintenance software program like Dwellant’s in-the-cloud platform, feature crucial elements for enabling digital transformation in the building manager’s workplace.

Dwellant’s cloud-based Core building maintenance software program can revolutionise how the property management team delivers high volume maintenance and management, ultimately benefiting the building’s occupiers.

Dwellant’s building maintenance software is a holistic, cloud-based system for the 21st century like no other.

Building Maintenance Management Software

The engine room of Dwellant powers a wide range of crucial workflow and task management activities. For the building maintenance and management team, this is their go-to platform for routine duties and longer term planning. This ‘core’ of the software presents itself to the building or property manager as a dashboard, clearly showing upcoming tasks, those overdue and tasks completed. Nothing is left to memory or to chance, so maintenance tasks are never unknowingly neglected.

Maintenance items can originate from many sources, including a report from a resident or tenant, a site inspection by a property manager or building manager, or from a third party contractor. However the item is reported, it will be logged on Dwellant and seen through to completion. A resident reporting a maintenance issue on Dwellant will be kept up to date via the building maintenance software program, all the way to its resolution. Similarly, a contractor noticing a maintenance issue may be assigned the task of resolving it - through Dwellant’s building maintenance software program.

Expenditure Control

Spending service charge money on building maintenance has to be closely monitored, not least as it will need to fall within funds available and the service charge budget set for the year. With statutory expenditure limits ( as per Section 20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act) also programmed into Dwellant, building managers are able to stay on the right side of landlord and tenant legislation. ‘Section 20’ expenditure limits relating to qualifying works and qualifying long term agreements are automatically and continuously monitored by the building maintenance software program, for every invoice, for every contract and for every project. A clever flagging system prompts the manager to validate expenditure and reminds of purchasing limits.

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How Dwellant looks for residents on their mobile devices

Capital expenditure planning and planned maintenance

Dwellant provides the ideal building maintenance software program for longer term planned maintenance or major works or capital expenditure projects. Dwellant allows a building manager to prepare for a planned maintenance programme, years in advance if necessary.

The implementation of planned maintenance is integral to the successful management of a building. And communication of such a plan to the service charge payers is equally important. Dwellant transparently holds reports in documentation vaults online - easy to find, easy to view, easy to digest.

Task dashboards can include schedule major works and capital expenditure projects and permit project planning ahead of time. The building maintenance software program will facilitate the planning, communication and execution of each project.

Health & safety built in

Building maintenance software programs without in-built health and safety and compliance capabilities may lead to unsafe working practices with potentially catastrophic results. Dwellant has an integrated option to link risk assessments and method statements to the work order process. This way on-site staff, office staff and contractors can all access and review documents as needed, and relevant permit to work documents can be issued quickly and accurately.

Our platform allows maintenance contractors to view any identified health and safety hazards on site, including the presence of asbestos and any unprotected areas. The health and safety information is held on the building maintenance software program for all relevant parties to see and share.

The ‘frequent event’ function for routine surveys and patrol checks provides the team on-site with structure to their working day. Whether these are for common parts site inspections, security patrols, or health and safety checks, site managers can download a monthly report for onward transmission to head office management and ultimately to the client as needed. The results of such inspections and surveys provide useful data for regular tool-box talks and training. Any reports are immediately accessible and downloadable from Dwellant’s building maintenance software program thus ideal to be used for team or client or contractor meetings.

A health and safety dashboard allows a building manager to see outstanding health and safety tasks and actions, whether they relate to fire safety, water hygiene, asbestos, utility safety or working at height. Actions resulting from risk assessments, surveys and inspection reports are extracted by the building maintenance software program and the necessary parties can view them, delegate them, mark them as ‘in progress’ and close them off once completed. The use of one system for on-site as well as off-site management means delegation to those at the coal face helps to spread the workload and accelerate its completion. As necessary, risk assessors themselves, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), the fire service and others can be given access to this Dwellant dashboard to view the courses of action prior to a health and safety incident or an accident. Near-misses as well as accidents can be recorded on Dwellant, to aid safer working practices in the future.

Automated, repeat messages from the building maintenance software program to team members facilitate the collation of such data for internal statistical analysis, safety reporting and prompting of actions outstanding.

Contractor management

Supply chain management is one of Dwellant’s most popular functions amongst maintenance managers. Valued contractors are provided with a login to use Dwellant to receive works orders. Firstly, they need to provide the necessary accreditation and certification, which they can do electronically on the platform. The onus is on the contractors to update their credentials as often as they are renewed, usually annually. Once approved, contractors are then able to receive and progress quotation requests and work orders. Annual regular maintenance contracts are also managed by the building maintenance software program. Automated reminders prompt the management team for contract renewals and reviews. Renewal is simple, and quotes for contracts are equally easy to obtain and accept. The building maintenance software program retains the contract history so the manager can review previous suppliers, prices and terms.

Intelligent Invoice Processing

Not all can complete the circle. Dwellant does with aplomb. Once a maintenance contractor has completed a job, he can bring up the job on Dwellant, mark it as complete, upload any proof as required (e.g. a photograph) and upload an invoice there and then. The invoice - which should be coded perfectly as it was done when the order was placed - goes directly into the building manager’s workflow. The contractor can even email his invoice and it will be auto-read, matched automatically to the corresponding works order and key data populated instantly, all by our AI engine. The contractor need not do any data entry. No paper. No postage. No lost invoices - the app does all the hard work. At any time, the contractor can see on the dashboard of the building maintenance software program the status of his payment - so no chasing is required.

From the property manager’s point of view, Dwellant’s prescriptive but tried-and-tested systems ensure invoices are coded to the correct funds, schedules and nominal codes. Once the property or building manager has approved them, they are endorsed by a superior or superiors ahead of payment. Throughout, communication is facilitated through messaging flags carrying crucial information to allow approval and finally invoice payment. The building maintenance software program is monitoring input error too. Where invoice amounts differ from contracted sums or work order details, this is automatically flagged for further scrutiny.

For regular and predictable building maintenance, contracts can be set up on Dwellant, thereby ensuring invoices are auto-approved (within set expenditure tolerances) and go directly to the accounts department for payment. The data from all invoices processed in Dwellant are seamlessly uploaded to the building maintenance manager’s back-end accounts system ready for physical payment to the supplier.

Dwellant has provided its customers with a building maintenance software program that handles maintenance issue reporting through to invoice payment and everything in between.

On-site Staff

Arguably the most important resource paid for by the service charge payers is the on-site staff. They are customer facing and usually kept very busy, especially with maintenance related tasks. Dwellant provides a building maintenance software program that ensures the on-site staff are genuinely connected to the overall management of the building. The use of our software means one system, coordinating the efforts of on-site and office based staff. It means office based property managers can delegate tasks to maintenance focussed site staff, who can then liaise directly with the contractors. In this day and age of on-site staff running the show, the greater the investment in the site staff, the less stressed the property manager becomes and the better service the residents will receive.

Residents and Tenants

Whether a property manager is looking after homes or workplaces, he/she will be dealing with demanding owners and occupiers who expect maintenance issues to be dealt with efficiently and the cost of resolution reasonable. Whether homes or offices, Dwellant provides a sense of ‘community’. Our software facilitates a closeness between building management and end users, but also a closeness between the community members. Our software gives the community a voice, a platform to help make decisions, including discussion forums and voting tools.

Dwellant’s building maintenance software program gives users the ability to be self-sufficient. Why spend time on the phone with a property manager when you can report a maintenance issue through the platform and enable others in the building to see that they need not raise the same issue? To report such a maintenance issue, a user can simply send an email to the platform which in turn creates a task for the property manager. The tasks are visibly logged and can be tracked by those who need to act or need to know about the progress of the maintenance issue.

Commonly asked questions - maintenance related or otherwise - can be answered via an online residents’ guide, a guide that is constantly updated and brings to life the wider, local community.

Practically speaking, any Dwellant user can choose our building maintenance software program to make online payments from anywhere in the world. These may be for service charges, ground rent, or for individual ‘home’ services. Accessed through a secure personal vault showing all previous transactions, users can rest assured that their details are safe.

Residents and commercial tenants can access their building’s branded platform from anywhere, anytime, from a PC or smart device connected to the internet. This means that they can keep up to date with news, important messages or progress with building works. The management team has the ability through the software to issue emergency notifications via email or SMS, thus alerting of any incident or important update in real time.

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Buying and Selling

‘Placemaking’ is more than a buzzword. For a residential or commercial scheme to earn and maintain an identity and develop a sense of community, a portal such as the one Dwellant provides can go beyond the practical aspects of building maintenance reporting and fulfillment.

Each building or scheme using Dwellant can have set up for it a unique website immediately giving it an online presence. The more the users use the website, the greater the chance of developing a sense of place - a place in which to live, work, enjoy, and thrive. Anyone looking to rent or buy in your area, will be attracted to your ‘place’ as it has an identity, is community focussed and is clearly well maintained.

First impressions count and a prospective purchaser (and their solicitor) will have a hundred and one questions to receive satisfactory answers to, before they embark on their expensive transaction. They tend to ask these of the current owner, who turns to the property manager for the answers.

Dwellant’s building maintenance software program provides the ultimate efficiency in preparing and issuing legal packs. LPE1 and LPE2 forms are completed by the manager or administration department directly into the forms embedded in the software. The Dwellant Document Vault holds the requested files. When the LPE1/LPE2 forms are completed, the recipient (usually the solicitor) receives a weblink generated by Dwellant. Clicking through, the solicitor will be able to download the completed LPE forms and PDF copies of all requested documents. As soon as the web link is opened, proof of opening is given to the sender.

Dwellant’s pre-contract enquiry service above is market-leading. A pack can be prepared in as little as 20 minutes, meaning last minute requests for information that may be holding up a sale can be delivered fast to save the day! Online payment is available too. The LPE functionality will help any agent to beat the industry wide capped cost for a solicitors inquiry pack!

Communication Hub

This first-class building maintenance software program enjoys various communication tools. This is to ensure maintenance issues are dealt with quickly and accurately.

Dwellant provides a communications hub for on-site teams and a vital link between head office and remote workers. We have seen that Dwellant can be used to visibly maximise the effectiveness of on-site staff. Data and tasks are shared and distributed between the team members. As the software is cloud-based and becomes the single system for coordinating the efforts of on-site and office based staff, those ultimately responsible for executing tasks can delegate with confidence and monitor progress remotely.

An on-site team using Dwellant’s building maintenance software program can access residents’ data in real time. All data for on-site operations can be retained and managed securely via access passwords and layered access levels. To communicate efficiently with residents, the on-site team can make use of the building maintenance software program posting tool. This allows for swift mail merging to multiple parties - hundreds of individuals at a time. The platform uses email or SMS to reach customers, providing links to retrieve further information from the Dwellant platform. Using the building maintenance software program, emergency messages can also be issued using the SMS alert tool.

For both the property management and on-site teams, Dwellant provides a CRM-style interface that facilitates first line response to customers. Whatever the source of the enquiry, the building maintenance software program allows external notifications (e.g. a maintenance issue reported) to be entered straight into the system. These can be converted swiftly into work orders and everyone who needs to know can track progress through to completion, including residents, tenants and contractors. The reporter of the issue can track progress as a Dwellant user at any time, from anywhere with an internet connection.

Dwellant’s very own process form creation allows your own bespoke policies to be set up, building by building or company-wide. This helps to streamline processes or rolling out standard letters across the business. Whether it is for a licence to alter consent, starting an insurance claim or simply requesting a new key fob, the building maintenance software program will create the forms allowing property and building managers to make faster and more informed decisions. A uniform approach saves time and gives reassurance to the business that all staff work to the same standards.

Reporting and KPIs

The system holds a huge capacity for reporting downloads and uploads on all levels.

Senior management and operational managers alike can view activity and performance against set targets live, and can download reports across different business sectors with data analysis tools, ready for presentations or group reporting.

On a building level, the on-site estate manager can see live activities and outstanding tasks for the property and his team. Simple metrics reports keep the manager updated on critical activities and site statistics.

Typical reports include for example building unit owners registered as users on the building maintenance software program. Normally this is related to the number of units, depending on whether partners and tenants register separately, and whether commercial tenants have been invited to register.

The property manager will be interested in statistics to monitor his own performance and identify areas for improvement. The system permits managers to keep an eye on their KPIs by running status reports on day to day activities as well as specific business focuses from the building maintenance software program.

A useful report is one produced on supplier contracts. A contract describes regular, repetitive work to be carried out in the building e.g. cleaning, gardening. The building maintenance software program monitors renewal dates and reminds the team and manager when contracts need to be renewed. Checking the data regularly informs the manager of where new contracts need to be placed or renewed - very useful when consolidating.

High volume invoice processing needs close monitoring and KPIs are frequently set for invoice statuses. Dwellant’s metrics reports show data on invoices by ‘open’, ‘value’, ‘disputed’, and ‘average days to payment’.

Further operational metrics reporting relates to the number of open requests. There will always be some open requests as most jobs take more than a day to complete (especially if waiting time is included).

Reports can also be seen on the open requests, their content and for how many days they have been kept open. This can provide a picture of the efficiency of the individual manager or the team, and the speed of open requests, average age in days the request has been worked on.

Most buildings have events that are repeated at regular intervals e.g. fire alarm tests, lift alarm test, boiler maintenance etc. The key events are set up on the building maintenance software program when the property comes online. They can be added to and edited as needed. Each repeated event has a date and time and reminders are issued by the system to alert when an event is upcoming or overdue. Events can be simply closed by responding to the system email and for example attaching the relevant maintenance report, or by closing the event within the system. All documentation relating to the event and maintenance can be attached to the file, then retrieved or viewed by all staff or managers or surveyors.

Property managers often use the building maintenance software program to send updates and newsletters to leaseholders, residents or staff. Residents can in turn comment on the newsletter or pose questions. Unanswered newsletter responses will be flagged on the dashboard.

Where packages are stored by the concierge team, the building maintenance software program can be used to report on those packages that have not yet been collected. This report can be utilised by the concierge to create a list to call residents and remind them to visit reception and collect the items that have arrived for them. A mail merge can use this data to target all late collections en masse. It can also serve to record measurement of parcel turnaround and residents’ speed of pick up - and encourage efficient management of the parcel room.

IT Integration and Implementation

The building maintenance software program has been built with an open API engine, so despite its comprehensiveness that its own modules provided, we are ready to integrate with your own existing software to provide a unique combination that serves exactly the needs of your business.

Dwellant integrates with all recognised accounts/service charge software solutions, meaning service charge data is shared bi-directionally. Dwellant’s Data-Gateway makes this possible. Furthermore, Dwellant’s sophisticated API engine means its workflow and task management abilities - particularly for maintenance management - have surpassed the traditional estate management software capabilities therefore integration with Dwellant gives their property managers and other users a vastly enhanced service.

For contractors too, Dwellant’s smart API engine enables contractors’ own CRM/works management system to be integrated bi-directionally. That means any work order placed on Dwellant emerges on the contractor’s own system ready to be assigned to an engineer. The same applies to health and safety advisors’ systems. Two way data exchange means no duplication of effort.

The dedicated Dwellant implementation team looks after every step of the process so you do not need to worry about onboarding the building maintenance software program. Before the project starts an implementation plan is agreed with set timelines and key dates. The team explains each step and ensures the client has all the information needed to commence set up. All critical data and documents received will be securely loaded and can then be viewed in the document vault.

On-site Tools

Dwellant plug-in CSite allows property managers and on-site staff to conduct site surveys on a tablet. Actions populate Dwellant upon synchronisation. Concierge HV and MV seamlessly manage your on-site key, package and visitor obligations. All Dwellant plug-ins fully integrate with our central cloud-based software.


Csite is the ultimate building inspection tool for property and estate managers who wish to carry out swift and accurate site inspections.

Once you have set up a template for each building, there are three simple steps to complete.

  1. Survey: when you carry out a site visit, you can now complete your survey via smartphone or tablet, adding photos directly to your notes.
  2. Synchronise: when online, synchronise with Dwellant and actions appear, ready for delegation.
  3. Report: a site visit report is created and available in Word, PDF and CSV formats. The documents and photos are always available for audit checks.

The Csite site inspector operates anywhere with offline use. The app is downloaded on a phone or tablet and is ready to use. Using the app saves valuable time for the site surveyor. The survey and report are geo-location tracked and logged immediately, saving 90% office admin time. All data be stored where you can make it work for you and your clients.

The management tasks following on from your site visit are simple. The Csite app turns tasks into work orders there and then. The app and its functions are easy to learn and use. New staff are swiftly trained to use the tool. Csite ensures consistency of data across all teams and buildings. It provides safe and secure storage of surveys and reliable end-to-end reporting.

Csite works on any Android and IOS device; it removes all need for site inspection write ups. The inspector can work offline and synchronise the report and all photos and data once back in reception range or back in the office. Questions linked to assets and historic asset data can be saved and followed up easily, and any work orders that result from the queries can be issued immediately. The app allows the creation of template content and specific questions to ensure continuity across your portfolios.

A simple link to the Dwellant portfolio allows integration and seamless, automatic reporting of all on-site issues. Defects management has never been so easy. Geo and time stamp validate the report and make it usable for explicit uses including witness statements. Once the site survey is finalised, instructions are ready to be assigned to the contractor. The synchronised content from the site inspections is kept ready on Dwellant to be expanded on or shared with others.

Concierge HV/MV

Concierge HV (high volume) is your essential high volume package, key and visitor management software. (MV is medium volume, which is a scaled down version that uses tablet technology rather than a pc).

If online shopping deliveries, visitor tracking and key management have left your concierge overwhelmed, you’re at risk of losing crucial time, trust and ultimately income. Our fast, efficient and secure automated system has been designed with your on-site staff in mind.

Paperless package and key handling reduces human error. Due to instant parcel notification and fast pick up, approximately 40% of space is saved in your parcel room. Concierge HV includes automated email chasers for parcels. There are also chasers for keys ensuring borrowers do not hang on to them. Instant stock check reports and logs help management to keep track of the borrower’s identity and when the keys are set for return. Easy to produce audit reports support the team and manager in monitoring everything that comes in and goes out from the concierge desk.

Using the scan-and-process tool the team process residents packages as they are dropped off by the postman or courier companies. Keys are also scanned in and out using secure tagging systems.

With instant notifications, residents receive the news about their parcel as soon as it arrives at the front desk. Residents leave instructions for handling of keys and parcels, all information is safely stored on the data hub. All updates are received live by the resident, through instant notifications, SMS and email. The Dwellant software makes collection as well as distribution of keys and parcels secure and easy. Key release functionality includes built-in registered key release policy specific to residents’ contacts, so that a resident can give easy access to his/her apartment, to a friend or relative.

On-site passes are issued and kept track of simply and securely. Site access and permits to contractors is simply managed by the front desk team.

A secure audit trail is key to effective front desk package management. The digital audit trail avoids any manual errors saving time and money. Auto reminders and notifications save the concierge team and manager valuable time, particularly during peak periods such as Christmas.

The quick-click-process is a smart application that reduces the package management process from minutes to seconds. The system is cloud-based as paper processes are open to human error which leaves data vulnerable.

Latest scanning technology is part of the system. Packages and keys are managed with reliable speed and accuracy. Residents have full control over their data and who has access to their keys and parcels. Residents conveniently log in to update and monitor their own account.

The system is fully GDPR compliant. All data is completely protected for total peace of mind. Continued support is provided by the customer service team who are available via chat or on the telephone. On free dedicated training days we will show your staff on site how the system works in their workplace. All support materials are stored online and are available upon request.

With parcels, keys and visitor logs securely managed via Dwellant, the concierge team can focus on the front desk service. Deliveries are no longer a headache, as they take seconds to process. Residents can have peace of mind that that no more parcels or keys are lost or misplaced.

With seamless service and effective use of space for packages, fewer staff are needed at peak periods, allowing for service charge budget savings.

Bespoke Buildings

Bespoke Buildings is a web portal dedicated to your estate, its residents and its community. It is designed to deliver an elegant digital experience for the estate team and residents alike. Bespoke will help residents unlock the full value and identity of their home by giving them anytime access to their building and priceless local knowledge. It allows the site staff and managing agent to seamlessly communicate with all leaseholders and residents, keeping them informed of important building news, including maintenance issues. Bespoke import from './../Components/Header'; isimport OpeningSection from './../Components/New/OpeningSection'; import ContactUsSection from './../Components/New/ContactUsSection'; developed to deliver residents a continuous high-end digital home experience.

Through automated functionality the on-site team can control facility and activity bookings. Residents are able to reserve their move-ins and have access to a wealth of online information about the apartment, the property and its surrounds. Bespoke forms can be used to for registrations and collating of residents’ data and queries.

Pre-set work flows automate replies and help the site team to deliver a great resident experience.

The interactive features on the website allow residents to have their home in their hands. Unique features create a community feel second to none.

The site design is engaging, modern and mobile-friendly. Services provided by the team are easy to identify and access, at the click of a button. Through the website calendar, residents can make bookings for the facilities on site (such as the cinema) or activities such as exercise classes from the comfort of their home, or whilst away travelling.

A dynamic location guide introduces the residents to their new home and immediate neighbourhood. Updates about local events, theatre shows and restaurants, are fed into the website. Bespoke provides a guide on where to eat, exercise, drink, relax and how to enjoy the community. The portal allows access to all home-related documents, user manuals, information about the communal parts of the property as well as the services provided by the concierge team. Live local transport information is fed into the website too.

Key functions of the webpage are driven by the fully opted-in content. Residents have an individual user profile which is the gateway to all documentation related to the property and leisure activities offered on site.

The building maintenance software program’s responsive design is created to suit Android, iOS and PC. The structure of each page content is bespoke to each development and its residents.

Forms and booking facilities are customised for each development. Locked content for special features are tailored to residents’ profile. Residents can raise requests directly to the on-site management team and receive responses via email or SMS. The management team can turn around any queries swiftly and make responses visible to an individual or groups of residents.

Product features include the integration with external services e.g. Salesforce. The webpage’s communication is set up according to residents’ preferences. It is easy to set up and manage through user-friendly interfaces designed for the on-site building team. The software fully integrates with the property’s door entry system, providing residents with secure control of their home. It gives easy to upload unit-specific documents and manuals. Local landmarks and businesses are identified via linked Google pages.

Bespoke provides a rounded digital experience that serves the residents and staff of the property to create a warm and welcoming community.

Security and Data Protection

Software security is a top priority at Dwellant. Our ISO 27001 certification gives our clients and users the assurance that all data and user functionality is protected by the highest security features. Our in-house developers maintain Dwellant’s suite of products, ensuring security remains paramount.

Data Protection is addressed via a signed agreement between Dwellant and the client. This states that the client has the legal right to disclose all personal data that it discloses to Dwellant under or in connection with this agreement and further that the client shall fully comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and GDPR Act 2016.

Dwellant warrants that it will act only on instructions of the client in relation to the processing of any Personal Data performed by Dwellant on behalf of the client. That it has in place reasonably appropriate security measures (both technical and organisational) against unlawful or unauthorised processing of Personal Data. The web service is protected using security systems and technologies which include a Hardware Firewall configured with the minimum standard rule set and a software firewall configured to protect systems and restrict traffic to the minimum protocols. Further is administrative access given through a secure site and appropriate rules for password security enabled. Regular security monitoring and configuration checks are carried out. Dwellant provides market-leading software to ensure your and your clients’ data is handled correctly.