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Dwellant’s property management software is a holistic, cloud-based system for the 21st century. Like no other software, it brings together all stakeholders with ease and effect. To buy property management software, you need not look any further!

Dwellant’s building management software is a holistic, cloud-based system for the 21st century like no other software.

Building Management Software UK

Building Management Software today is the key to successful relationships with residents and stakeholders. To provide comprehensive block management agents are looking for seamless platforms to be able to manage all aspects of their services to the building and its tenants.

At Dwellant we have thought long and hard about how we can remove worries about the management of a residential block or a larger developments, by creating resident building management software that is comprehensive and easy to use.

Dwellant’s building management software has been designed for those who manage residential blocks, developments or schemes, and equally for those who live in apartments. It is equally intuitive and easy to use for the manager, the residents and those who provide services to the property. Its functionality has been developed after many years spent with property managers and residents to understand what is important to them. Our solution is a platform that is interactive, with multi-layer access levels, intuitive to use by anyone and an invaluable tool to make block management as easy as possible.

Dwellant’s building management software has features for leaseholders, property managers and those owning or managing a building. Residential block management requires a wealth of specific skills; it requires specialist expertise, first-class communication, consistently high energy levels, and in depth knowledge of property maintenance and its underlying legal framework. These requirements are brought together and put to work by the software.

Multi functional user features make Dwellant’s building management software a pleasure to work with. User configurable dashboards and reporting tools help manage day to day work tasks. Task management is linked to automated diary reminders and email alerts so light work is made of logging routine queries, maintenance management and health & safety compliance.

Dwellant’s building management software UK is a holistic, cloud-based system for the 21st century like no other software.

Work Orders

Work instructions and maintenance contracts with third parties are issued by the block manager through Dwellant’s building management software. The work instruction process is simplified through automated reminders and email communication with all parties. Health and safety requirements in relation to a specific works instruction (risk assessments and method statements for instance) are also manageable through the platform. Contractor invoices are automatically matched to the original works orders, meaning payments are swift and simple. Invoice authorisation can be as simple or multi-layered as the block management company wishes.

Throughout the works ordering and invoicing/payment processes executed on the building management software, all financial data is linked live to the service charge accounts software package that the block manager is using, so that works are not ordered without the requisite funds being in place. The best building management software packages have an open API engine.

The management of health and safety frequency-driven tasks (for example, fire risk assessments) and resulting actions (for example, installation of signage) is a fundamental part of a block manager’s day to day work. Dwellant’s building management software provides dashboards and email alerts to remind of these tasks, routine maintenance inspections and actions that require quotations and works at the building.

Dwellant’s management software for buildings is a holistic, cloud-based system for the 21st century like no other software.

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Communication with and from residents is easier than ever. For residents, our building management software is a web portal, accessible from any PC or smart device connected to the internet. Registration is straightforward and there are choices to make when receiving updates about the building. Email alerts and SMS are popular choices to receive news as it is released.

All residents - not just leaseholders - are encouraged to sign up and use the Dwellant portal for their building. Residents can send maintenance requests or queries directly through the portal, and these enquiries will be distributed automatically to the person best placed to deal with them, swiftly and efficiently. Our building management software has been designed to be fully inclusive.

Access to service charge information and service charge payments have never been more transparent. Secure access levels allow for privacy and confidentiality. Information about service charge budgets and accounts, and indeed any of the services provided by the management company can be easily found and reviewed through the Dwellant portal.

Block management often involves the organisation and execution of complex projects. Such programmes of major works bring together professional groups (building, surveying, engineering) and residents, all of whom have to collaborate and communicate effectively together to ensure the success of the project. Dwellant provides the building management software platform to do just that.

CSite Inspection Tool

With its interactive Csite building inspection app Dwellant provides the building managers with a tool that is accurate and saves time. The building management software integrates this tool as part of is suite of programs that make a property manager’s life so much easier!

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